13.01.2005  -  München


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TNS, a world leader in market information, announced today the creation of a single technology sector which will see the merging of its existing Telecoms and IT research divisions.

The new sector has been formed in response to increasing client demand to combine knowledge from both the Telecoms and IT marketplaces. This will enable TNS to leverage its expertise to offer clients greater insights based on the wireless, mobility and entertainment industries. In particular, TNS will focus on the impact of applications such as gaming, music, TV, news, sport and other media on the go.

The newly-created sector will be headed up by Tacis Gavoyannis who has more than 20 years’ experience of working with hi-tech and Telecoms clients including BT, Motorola, Cable & Wireless, Mercury, Metromail, Callahan and consultancy for Orange, Microsoft, MTV, Philips, Experian and others.

Commenting on the benefits, Tacis Gavoyannis said: “The impact of the digital highway is now a reality. What were once the distinct markets of Telecoms, IT, entertainment and media are rapidly converging and merging. Mobility in both IT and Telecoms is critical for all our clients and, more importantly, for their clients. This refocus will enable TNS to strengthen existing partnerships as clients identify the main trends impacting on their businesses and translate these into actionable insights.”


About TNS: TNS is a leading global provider of market information. We collect, analyse and interpret information to help our clients better understand the needs and wants of their customers. We provide research, advice and insight on market segmentation, advertising and communications, new product development, brand performance and stakeholder management. We are also one of the leading providers of social and political polling. From our global network, which spans 70 countries, we provide local expertise and knowledge, together with internationally consistent information and analysis to multi-national organisations. Further information on TNS can be found on

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