30.06.2004  -  München

Customer acquisition in tomorrow’s banking market

The quality of Internet banks becomes more and more important /
at the moment, about 10.5 million Germans make use of online banking

Munich, June 30, 2004 – In Germany, banking websites record roughly 12 million visi-tors per month by now. Currently 10.5 million Germans take advantage of the possibili-ties of online banking. Compared to the same period of the previous year, this means more than one million new online customers. This development is unlikely to end in the foreseeable future: more than one third of today’s online bank customers intend to carry out even more of their banking transactions via the Internet. About 1.7 online us-ers plan to engage in online banking and to set up an online current account within the next 12 months.

These are the results of the latest issue of the “Online Finance Monitor e-FMDS” by TNS In-fratest (Munich). The monitor analyses in detail and continually the online financial behavior of regular online users in Germany.

Banking transactions via the Internet are not only carried out by more and more users, they get also increasingly more complex: by now, just fewer than 1 million Germans have re-quested a home loan or filled a credit application online. More than 7 million Germans can generally imagine taking out a building loan contract online.

The consequences for the banks: customers demand more, the quality of the "virtual branch bank" is getting a lot more important in the competition for customers and new customers. Even today, for 7.4 million Germans, the range of online services of a bank is a decisive factor when choosing a new bank.

In the future, continuously supervising and optimizing the quality of the "virtual branch bank" will become increasingly important with regard to customer retention and acquisition. The trend in the banking market, which has begun more than a decade ago with focusing on cus-tomer demands in order to increase customer retention has now to be continued seamlessly in the online world.

Background information
The “Online Finance Monitor“ by TNS Infratest Finance Research is carried out two times a year and is based on a total of 8,000 online interviews (4,000 interviews in each survey). The goal is a detailed analysis of the online financial behavior of Germans in the business sectors banks, insurers and building societies. The results are representative for regular Internet us-ers in Germany. The survey participants are made up of the Online Access Panel by TNS In-fratest. The study is designed as a multi-client study and interested financial service providers are invited to have a say in the matter. A further advantage is the chance of communicating with other buyers of the study at regular meetings.

As a pioneer in Europe, TNS Infratest Finance Research developed the “Financial Market Data Service (FMDS)“about 30 years ago and thus created a data collection instrument, which continually analyses the structure of financial markets. Many businesses rely on FMDS as an essential source of marketing information.

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