07.04.2003  -  München

Employee commitment is highly influenced by leadership / companies waste the motivation potential of one third of their staff

Munich, April 7, 2003 – The market research and consulting company NFO Infratest carried out a comprehensive survey among more than 35,000 em-ployees in Germany investigating the employee commitment – i.e. the solidarity of employees in terms of identification, engagement and loyalty – as well as the leadership competence of superiors.

On a scale with 100 representing a very high commitment and, respectively, strong leadership competence and 40 indicating deep dissatisfaction, the overall employee commitment scores 60 and the leadership competence of their superiors 55.

Roughly 40 per cent of employees are committed to their company and at the same time satisfied with their superiors (index value of more than 70), while 30 per cent are dissatisfied with their working situation and 40 per cent assess their superiors negatively (index value of under 40).

Furthermore, a result, which has never before been drawn so clearly from a representative survey, is that leadership has a strong influence on employee commitment: the solidarity of employees with their company depends to 45 per cent on the experienced leadership competence. This result is also confirmed in the target group of the senior staff. In this group, the level of commitment with their employer is much higher (index value: 71) and superiors are much better rated (index value: 63).

Employee commitment is, on the one hand, determined by the satisfaction with the working situation and, on the other hand, by a motivating environment. The survey by NFO Infratest shows that only one fifth of employees experience working conditions, which are characterised by a high degree of satisfaction and a motivating environment at the same time, thereby guaranteeing that the employees contribute to a great extent to the company’s success. By contrast, 35 per cent of the employees in Germany are dissatisfied with their working situation and also describe their working environment as not very motivating. Thus, companies waste the motivation potential of one third of their employees.

In an analysis of the correlation between experienced leadership competence and employee commitment, the survey shows that only 12 per cent of the employees are very satisfied with their working situation, describe their working environment as highly motivating and attest their superiors distinctive leadership competence. However, those employees are the driving forces of a company.

Background information
NFO Infratest interviewed more than 35,000 employees in Germany for the representative survey at the end of 2002.

About NFO
NFO WorldGroup is one of the world’s leading providers of research-based marketing information and counsel. “Marketing Minds Specialising in Research”TM, NFO has facilitated Fortune 500 clients’ business decisions for more than 50 years by providing indepth knowledge and understanding of consumers and brands through research. Their services include comprehensive counsel on market evaluation, product development, brand management, customer satisfaction, pricing, distribution and advertising effectiveness. NFO is a worldwide leader in Internet-based research and maintains one of the world’s largest interactive panel communities. They are one of The Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE: IPG), and have majority-owned operations in 40 countries.

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