07.05.2001  -  München

Appraisal by subordinates: only 20 per cent positive

Munich, May 10, 2001 – A recent survey by the research and consulting company NFO Infratest (Munich) shows: almost 50 per cent of all employees in Germany think that their superiors have only limited social competence and do not considerably contribute to the success of the company. Moreover, only 20 per cent see their bosses as strong leaders and highly competent regarding the social corporate climate. This surprisingly negative appraisal of superiors is prevailing in all industries in the same way, the tendency is strongest in the public sector.

An interesting comparison can be drawn between these results and the outcome of a study, which was conducted in the United States, also by NFO Infratest: while about 42 per cent of American employees describe their bosses as weak in leadership and incompetent in social matters, 50 per cent grant them that they contribute considerably to the success of the company.

Background information:
For the representative study NFO Infratest conducted more than 26,000 appraisal interviews in Germany at the end of 2000. On the basis of this comprehensive data base, researchers at NFO Infratest will intensify their activities in the field of appraisal by subordinates.

NFO Infratest is an NFO WorldGroup company, one of the world’s leading providers of research-based marketing information and counsel. “Marketing Minds Specializing in Research”, NFO has facilitated Fortune 500 clients’ business decisions for more than 50 years by providing indepth knowledge and understanding of consumers and brands through research. Their services include comprehensive counsel on market evaluation, product development, brand management, customer satisfaction, pricing, distribution and advertising effectiveness. NFO is a worldwide leader in Internet-based research and maintains one of the world’s largest interactive panel communities. They are one of The Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE: IPG), and have majority-owned operations in 40 countries, thereof NFO Infratest in 14 European countries.

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